traveller tips

Visa & Immigration

When you enter Maldives a 30-day free visa is issued on arrival for all Nationalities. No prior visa is required to enter the Maldives and based on immigration requirements, entry permits will be granted on arrival. However, an entry permit does not permit visitors to take up employment, set up any business or conduct any professional activities (paid or unpaid) except with the consent of the government and in compliance with pertinent laws and regulations of the Maldives.

Before You Arrive to Maldives

Make the most of your trip to Maldives with our guide to important information, tips and advice for visitors to our sunny side of life. Be prepared for the sunny warm weather as well as rain at any time, which can be torrential but usually brief. Be aware that there are certain goods that you are not allowed to bring into the Maldives under any circumstances, and some goods that are restricted

while you are here

Enjoy the most Maldives has to offer, besides enjoying the white sandy beaches of the islands there several other activities one can enjoy, including: Scuba Diving, Big game fishing, Water Sports, Picnics, Local culture, and Surfing